Frequently Asked

Q: (insert anything about the LGBT experience/issues)
A: Please Google it. I don't have the energy to educate every stranger about every little thing.

Q: What's your ethnicity?
A: White North American. I think most of my heritage pre-US is German & British specifically, if that's what you're asking.

Q: Opinion on (insert latest discourse topic)?
A: I think most of it is annoying, pointless garbage and I would like to focus my energy on real-world problems and making artwork instead.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Very rarely and usually only from friends. If you absolutely must have art from me, be prepared to pay a lot and wait a while.

Q: What about trades?
A: Also rarely. I will post an ad if I am open for them.

Q: What's your AGAB?
A: Ask your mom, she found out last night when I fucked her

Q: Is this a Carrd? What host do you use?
A: This site is hosted by Neocities! I coded everything myself, that's why it's so simple.

Q: Do you have a page for listing your characters?
A: That would be my Toyhouse.